Create a DJ Pack

Generally, a DJ pack includes a number of tracks for a particular single or release. Having DJ packs is essential for DJs as they facilitate smooth and seamless integration of your track into the mix. Prior to being added to normal radio rotation, new songs are usually tested first in mixshows. It’s good practice to take care of DJs, whether that’s recording custom drops or providing us with edits we need.

Get Your Music Radio Ready

Edit your music for radio by removing any swear words or adult content. You can ask your producer for assistance during the process of making the song, or you can download audio editing software to reverse the necessary segments if you the song is already done.

Once you have your edited music files, its time to create a DJ Pack

Getting your music heard on the radio is as easy as presenting a DJ Pack to a radio station or distributor. DJ Packs contain the following items:

      • Radio Edit — For use during prime broadcasting times, public events and school etc..
      • Explicit version — What you really wanted to say
      • Instrumental — optional but always suggested.
      • Acapella – optional, but recommended for more experimental DJs to use. For instance, a DJ can mash up your song with another beat freestyling to use it as a transition or blend.

Note: Make sure that the track names are appropriately named. In addition, the meta tag fields for the tracks should be updated, so all the information about the artist, producer, and track name is embedded within the song file.

Once you have your DJ Pack organized into a folder. You or your management team can email the local Radio Stations or submit your DJ Pack through our Music Submission Form.
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