Edit An Explicit Song

In order to convey the true emotion of a song, censoring your voice does not come to mind when creating music. Since the song was not censored, it does limit its use on Radio Airways, but an edited/clean track is still allowed to be played.

The reasoning behind radio stations not being able to play explicit songs on air-ways is due to legal fines that the radio station will have to pay out for not clearing the song. 

To avoid getting fine, it’s easier for radio stations to give artist a chance to make clean versions of their music so it still has a chance to be played on Radio, minus the explicit content. 

Get Prepared

When a song is made, there is a likelihood that it will be a radio hit. With a well-produced track and vocals, the song deserves to be played widely. However, where do you start?

Get started by creating a DJ pack.  

Getting your music played on the radio is as easy as presenting your content with a DJ Pack to a radio station or distributor. DJ Packs include the following:

  • Edited Versions of Tracks (Mp3)
  • Explicit Versions of Tracks (Mp3)
  • Cover Artworks

Note: Make sure that the track names are appropriately named. In addition, the meta tag fields for the tracks should be updated, so all the information about the artist, producer, and track name is embedded within the song file.

Once you have your DJ Pack organized into a folder. You or your management team can email the local Radio Stations or submit your DJ Pack through our Music Submission Form.
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