Phoenix is a vibrant city full of unbelievable talented artists of all backgrounds. These amazing people have been overlooked for too long. With the help of media, venues, promotions, entertainment, and production companies this will no longer be the case. There is an amazing network of people here in this great city. To see more support from this great city check out a few we have listed below.

MRP Shows

  • Connector.

    Your Morning Grind

    Monday – Friday | 5am-7am (Replay at 7am-9am)

  • Connector.

    Let's Do Lunch

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 12pm-2pm

  • Connector.

    Exaggerated Truth

    Monday – Friday | 8pm – 10pm

  • Connector.

    Pillow Talk

    Thursday | 10pm – Midnight

  • Connector.

    Code RED

    Saturday | 12pm – 2pm

  • Connector.

    lyricist lounge

    Wednesday | 10PM – 12AM